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Preventive Dentistry

Prevent dental issues, maintain your oral hygiene, and improve your health.

What is preventive dentistry?

Good oral health begins during your childhood years and extends to when you become an adult. Preventive dentistry plays a critical role in keeping your teeth healthy and helping you maintain good oral hygiene.

Preventive dentistry involves regular care for your teeth and maintaining proper dental hygiene. It can help prevent dental issues like cavities, gingivitis, bad breath, and gum disease. Preventive dentistry in Weehawken combines several dental health practices and habits. Some of the most common ones include: Regular oral examination and checkups, X-rays, Brushing regularly, Flossing, Teeth cleaning and other healthy dental procedures.

Although it is advisable to start preventive dentistry early, everyone can still benefit from it regardless of age. Preventive dentistry allows children to grow healthy adult teeth and adults to keep their natural teeth.

Saves Time and Money
Good oral hygiene reduces the risk of contracting dental diseases. Preventive dentistry makes it easy to identify and treat dental problems in their earlier stages. This saves you the time and cost of treatment.

Prevents The Risk Of Other Chronic illnesses
Untreated tooth cavities raise the risk of developing chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. Our mouths are home to a myriad of both good and bad bacteria. Proper oral hygiene keeps the balance between these bacteria in check. This means neglecting dental hygiene offsets this balance, leading to a weaker immune system, thus making us prone to illnesses and infections.

Your oral health plays a vital role in your general body health and well-being. Getting a Weehawken dentist’s opinion before settling on a preventive dentistry routine is essential. Book an appointment with us today and discover new tips on preventive dentistry in Weehawken. Our professionals will help you choose the best dental care routine that matches your preference and lifestyle.


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