How do I set up a Teledentistry appointment?


Many have heard of telemedicine, the technological phenomenon that has taken the medical world by storm. However, few are familiar with TeleDentistry, the up-and-coming innovation in the dental field.

What exactly is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is the new era of healthcare; it allows patients to meet with their dentists from the comfort of their own homes. Such feature is especially important in times of a global pandemic such as the one we are in right now. Teledentistry is one of the ways the dental industry can help flatten the curve!

How do I set up a Teledentistry appointment?

How does Teledentistry work?

Teledentistry is simply a video call with your doctor! Through Teledentistry, you can live video chat with any of our dentists through your phone or computer, something that is extremely useful if you cannot physically come to the office, or cannot get away from work or family. If needed, our doctors can send a prescription to the pharmacy of your choosing. You can also explore financing and treatment options via a meeting with one of our treatment planners or financial coordinators. Often, these video chats serve as a preliminary appointment or introduction; that way, when you come to the office, the doctor knows exactly what needs to be treated, and all your problems are addressed.

What can be done through Teledentistry?

The main purpose of Teledentistry is for dentists to assess dental problems. If after a video call the doctor believes that there is a large dental problem, the patient can set up an in-office appointment. We can answer any dental questions you have over video, without have you in the dental chair!


How do I set up a Teledentistry appointment?

  1. First, Call us or Text us at +1 201 864 4730 to make an appointment. We will send you a link with the Pre-Registration Process where you will fill out your payment & medical information. (The pre-registration process must be completed to confirm your virtual appointment, or it will be canceled.).


  1. Once the registration process is complete, we now confirm and guarantee your appointment slot. Please follow the next Step at your scheduled date and time.


  1. At your virtual appointment, you will Join our Virtual Waiting Room. Please click on the link and sign in to our Waiting Room (We will send you the link on the day of your appointment). Our Doctor will connect with you shortly after.


During your Virtual Appointment, be assured we will address all your questions and concerns. We will make accommodations if an office visit is required. Your Dr will prescribe any medication if needed, which can be picked up at the pharmacy location of your choice.


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