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The quickest and most affordable way to brighten your smile.

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Smile with pearly-white confidence

Do stains and discoloration keep you from showing off your smile? With normal eating, drinking, and aging, even healthy smiles become dull over time and need a little boost.

At Park Avenue Dental Group, we proudly offer Zoom in-office teeth whitening to get you smiling again.

Zoom in-office whitening…Opens in new tab to Philips Zoom in-office whitening website… is:

  • Safe and effective

  • Affordable

  • Fast

  • Painless

  • Non-invasive

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What You Can Expect with Zoom In-Office Whitening

Here is the simple process to brighten up your smile.



You’ll recline into a dental chair, and our experienced team will apply special light-activated whitening gel to the front of your teeth. A Zoom bleaching lamp will be comfortably positioned over your mouth to begin the whitening process.

Sit Back and Relax

This is the easy part – just kick back while our Zoom system works its magic. The laser will activate the gel and begin to penetrate the teeth safely, removing deep stains and discoloration. You’ll undergo up to four rounds of 15-minute sessions depending on the extent of your whitening needs.

Go Turn Heads

Once your time is up, we’ll wipe off any gel and give you a first look in the mirror. You’ll be amazed at the dramatic result, and leave our office with a shiny new smile you’ll be proud to show off! The whole visit typically only takes about 90 minutes from start to finish.

Questions about Teeth Whitening?

Get the answers in our FAQs here!

  • Is Zoom teeth whitening safe?

    Yes, Zoom teeth whitening is perfectly safe. The active ingredient in the treatment gel is hydrogen peroxide, which has been around in teeth bleaching products for decades. Millions of people use them — including many dentists! Even at the higher concentration used in our in-office treatments, your tooth enamel won’t be damaged.

    Some patients experience teeth sensitivity in the days after their treatment, but this is temporary and will usually fade away after a few days.

  • Does teeth whitening hurt?

    While many people experience no pain during and after their Zoom teeth whitening treatment, it’s normal to experience some sensitivity. Usually, any pain is minor and fades away within a few days.

    Some patients like to ease any sensitivity with over-the-counter painkillers. Avoiding triggering food and drink for a few days, such as extreme hot or cold, can also help.

    If you are concerned about sensitivity, let us know prior to your treatment. We can adjust your exposure to limit the effects.

  • How long does teeth whitening last?

    Many patients enjoy the results of their treatment for months or even years without needing a touch-up, but each person is a bit different.

    To help prolong your teeth whitening, you can:

    • Avoid highly pigmented foods and beverages
    • Switch from coffee to white or green tea
    • Quit tobacco use
    • Keep on top of your dental hygiene
  • How long will my Zoom in-office appointment take?

    Results this dramatic are surprisingly quick! You’ll be in and out of your appointment in about 90 minutes.

  • How is professional Zoom whitening treatment different from at-home drugstore options?

    All teeth whitening treatments utilize similar active ingredients, but professional in-office treatments like Zoom are at a higher concentration (though still very safe).

    While drugstore white strips do help brighten your teeth with long-term use, Zoom treatment is much faster and more effective. In just 90 minutes, you’ll leave the office up to eight shades whiter – you can’t get those results with drugstore options!

    Ready to give professional Zoom teeth whitening a try? Schedule an appointment today at our Weehawken, NJ office! We also serve surrounding communities in Hoboken, Edgewater, Jersey City, Union City, West New York, North Bergen, and Secaucus.

‘‘From the minute I walked in, I knew I was in the right place. Really good service! The staff and Drs were super friendly. Made me feel really comfortable. For the first time, I actually feel that the dentist listened to me and made sure that I understood what was happening with my teeth. They were very understanding of my situation. Definitely coming back. Highly recommend this dental office!’’

- Valentina V. (5-star Google Review)

Why Choose Us for Teeth Whitening in Weehawken, NJ?

Our caring and expert team are ready to give you the MVP treatment!

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Individualized Approach

Each person’s smile and goals are different, so we always tailor our treatment strategy to fit you best. We take the time to listen to your needs, address any concerns, and work with you to determine the most desirable solution.

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Modern Office and Technology

We are committed to providing a world-class dental experience. That’s why we’ve invested in a beautiful office and the latest dental technology. We’ve carefully designed our space to nurture a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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Elite Team of Specialists

We’ve assembled a top-notch team of dental experts to meet the comprehensive needs of our patients. From teeth whitening to root canals, fillings to emergency care – we have a specialist in-house to care for it all under one roof.

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