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Dental TMJ Treatment

From trauma to an inadequate bite, temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) can be the result of several uncomfortable factors.

When there’s too much tension in the joint between your jaw and temporal bone, this could cause facial pain, headaches, and even wear and tear on the cartilage. The good news is, the right TMJ treatment in Weehawken can put an end to those symptoms and prevent them from recurring. 

There are several TMJ treatments in Weehawken available for patients. These include:

  • Stress management. Clenching of the jaw is often a form of muscle tension, which happens when we’re stressed out. Managing stress and anxiety can decrease jaw tension and release symptoms. 

  • Mouthguards. By covering the teeth and gums in a custom-fitted device, mouthguards will prevent teeth grinding (bruxism), especially during the night. 

  • Splints. Splints are specially designed to secure the jaw’s joints and muscles in place, so as to prevent asymmetrical positioning. When worn according to our advice, splints make it possible to retrain those joints and muscles into their natural position. 

  • Medication. Depending on the severity of the pain TMJ is causing, analgesics may be necessary for pain relief.   

What are the benefits of TMJ treatment?

Preventing Constant Teeth Grinding 

Persistent grinding of the teeth, even if involuntary, will eventually cause damage to tooth enamel. Devices like mouthguards will create a comfortable barrier between the teeth, thus preventing wear and tear.

Pain Relief

Inflammation around the jaw joints may result in mild to severe pain. Depending on your specific case, we might prescribe analgesics so you can navigate the treatment more easily. 

Inhibiting Bothersome Symptoms

Jaw clicking and popping can be some of the most vexing symptoms of TMJ. They happen every time you open your mouth, which can be distracting. We’ll find out exactly what’s causing the clicking and get started with measures to cease it. 

Returning the Jaw to Its Natural Position

When the jaw is correctly placed, there are no unusual pains, sensations, or sounds. A comfortable bite and pain-free experience are what we’ll be striving toward the moment you step into our office. 

Once you find the right TMJ treatment in Weehawken, your jaw will finally stop causing you pain. That annoying clicking on your jaw will also go away, and you won’t have any issues moving your face muscles freely. 

Looking for reliable TMJ treatments in Weehawken? Book an appointment with us today, and bid farewell to jaw pain and discomfort. 

TMJ Treatment Weehawken - Park Ave Dental Aesthetics

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