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IV Sedation Dental Sedation

Most people are not thrilled to visit the dentist or undergo any associated dental procedures. According to the American Dental Association, an estimated 22 percent of Americans steer clear of the dental because of fear and anxiety.

Although the dentist isn’t exactly fun, putting off dental visits can have numerous adverse effects, including an increased risk of tooth loss, dental infections, and even oral cancer. Dentists are aware of the anxiety and some offer to combat that by using Intravenous or IV sedation and dental anesthesia to comfort patients. If you have a strong fear of the dentist or avoid regular visits because of anxiety, it’s worth considering IV sedation and dental anesthesia in Weehawken for your next dental visit. 

IV sedation dentistry is a deeper level of sedation than oral (anxiety medication) or conscious sedation (nitrous oxide/laughing gas). Sedation with the use of an IV is considered the deepest form of conscious sedation available in a dental office setting. IV sedation and dental anesthesia techniques are designed to help patients obtain the necessary dental care without the characteristic pain and anxiety. 

How is it Performed?

Sedative medications are administered directly to your bloodstream through an IV line. During your procedure, your dentist or healthcare professional will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels to ensure you are completely safe while sedated. 

What are the advantages of IV Sedation Dentistry?

It’s Safe and Convenient 

IV anesthesia and dental anesthesia in Weehawken is a safe alternative to general anesthesia – which is only administered in a hospital or surgical center.  

You’re Still Conscious 

With IV sedation, you’re not fully unconscious. Unlike general anesthesia, you will still be responsive to verbal commands and light touches, but you won’t be fully aware of the dental procedure or feel pain.

Little to No Recall

Some medications used can produce an amnesic effect which results in remembering very little about the visit. 


IV sedation delivers anti-anxiety medication right into your bloodstream to provide relief from nervousness quickly. It works faster than oral sedation or inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide). 

Wears Off Fast

The onset is quick and it typically wears off withins minutes, leading to a fast recovery with minimal downtime.

It’s Ideal for Patients with Anxiety

IV sedation and dental anesthesia in Weehawken is an option for patients with moderate to high dental anxiety. IV sedation and dental anesthesia will immediately make patients feel completely relaxed and at ease. However, only a dentist can determine if you are a candidate. 

For patients with anxiety, going to the dentist is a dreaded fear. IV sedation provides a safe and convenient solution with numerous benefits. If dental anxiety interferes with getting the oral care you need, contact us to explore your options for a relaxing dentist experience with IV sedation and dental anesthesia in Weehawken. 

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