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Dental Bridges

Noticeable gaps from one or more missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. If you want to improve the appearance of your smile and restore fullness to your teeth, then dental bridges in Weehawken may be right for you.

Creating a dental bridge allows your dentist to seamlessly fill in any gaps, including spaces between missing and real teeth, to create a natural looking, beautiful smile.

Dental bridges in Weehawken are made with crowns and an artificial tooth called a pontic. Using crowns, the dentist cements the pontic in place. Most patients who qualify for dental bridges have lost one or more teeth from gum disease, tooth decay, or physical injury. 

Dental bridges are false teeth that look just like real ones. Your dentist can even color-match your teeth, so the artificial tooth suits your smile. 

What are the benefits of dental bridges? 

Restore Your Smile

If you’ve become self-conscious about your smile due to missing teeth, then dental bridges can restore a full, natural appearance. All dental bridges are meant to look exactly like your own teeth, so they integrate flawlessly into your existing smile, including the size and coloring. 

Improve Chewing

If your missing teeth impact your ability to bite and chew food properly, then dental bridges can help. A dentist who performs dental bridges in Weehawken can ensure that your artificial teeth are durable and positioned properly to make eating and chewing easier. 

Permanent Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental bridges can last for more than 15 years, and you can prolong their lifespan with regular brushing, annual cleanings, and good oral hygiene. Your dentist can help you come up with a proper oral hygiene strategy that ensures your natural teeth and dental bridges are always cared for. 

If you have lost teeth, especially in the front, dental bridges can help restore a natural appearance to your smile. They can also improve chewing, biting, and alleviate jaw pain for some patients. 

You deserve to feel confident when you smile, and dental bridges can help you recover your confidence if it’s fallen after losing teeth. We can help you decide the best options for your dental restoration. Please contact us today to book an appointment for dental bridges in Weehawken today. 

Dental Bridges Weehawken - Park Ave Dental Aesthetics

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