Oral Health

Overall Health

Oral health is a reflection of your overall health. That’s s why is so important to keep your teeth and gums tissue as healthy as possible. Oral flora consists of different types of microorganism that are not harmful for our health and teeth. For example, saliva contains antibodies that can fight bacteria and viruses. However, saliva is a double edge sword and can also cause a disease. If bacteria collects dues to lack or minimal oral hygiene– it is forming dental plaque. “Good” bacteria decreases and “bad one” increases. In addition to this, remember that your mouth serves as the entrance to your body for any viruses. Therefore, it is extremely important to regularly visit your hygienist and the dentist.

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Health Condition

Just like any health condition if we don’t take care of reducing the accumulation of bad bacteria in your month it can become harmful. It will cause various problems; not only cavities and gingivitis, it might progress to periodontal disease and endanger the health of your bone and teeth. To some extend it will contribute to bone and teeth loss. If you won’t be able to properly chew your food, in addition to all bacteria and viruses that enter your body, your overall health might be compromised. Harmful bacteria, which can travel in your body thru the bloodstream, might cause further problems with your health such as heart disease, and even Alzheimer.


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Immune System

If you have a strong immune system it will help to fight harmful bacteria. Of course there are other risk factors that can potentially modify how the immune system responds and fight bacteria in your mouth. These factors include but not limited to pre-existing systemic conditions, medications, nutrition, age, tobacco use and stress. However, it is very important to create healthy oral habits to control and reduce dental plaque; one condition that could be easily controlled by you and your hygienist with regular dental visits.


Preventive Measurement

Taking preventive measurement to fight bacteria will also help your immune system to be strong. It is now, in COVID19-era, is more important than ever! Changing your lifestyle habits like eating healthy, reducing sugar, daily flossing, soft tooth-brushing (or electric toothbrush) 2x a day for 2 minutes, and mouthwash will reduce bacterial count in oral cavity. Together with periodic dental visits every 3-6 months you, your hygienist and your dentist will be able to take your oral health and overall health under control!




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