For years, dental and medical professionals alike have been aware of the links between oral and general health. Poor oral health has been associated with heart disease, diabetes, and a slew of other potentially life-threatening health issues. People with periodontal diseases are at 25% higher rate of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, the dental community has recently discovered a new link between oral and overall health, one that is extremely pressing given the spread of COVID-19.

During COVID-19

We all heard that people who contract COVID-19 type virus experience different symptoms. Some just lose appetite and sense of smell, some have mild temperature and body aching. Some have diarrhea and others have such severe symptoms that they need to be rushed to the hospital to get help with breathing! Why is that? Doctors of all sorts of specialties are studying, researching and debating why it happens. Dentist, on the other hand, are trying to determine if there is a link between oral health and the severity of COVID-19 infection.


Several research groups (please see links below) are conducting studies to determine if there is direct relationship between patients’ poor oral health and periodontal diseases and complications of COVID-19. Periodontal disease mean high level of harmful bacterial in the mouth. This bad bacteria when is presented in the mouth could become an “easy passage” or a “free channel” for the infection down to your lungs. Hence escalating severity of COVID-19 symptoms.



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The solution is good oral hygiene! Good oral health acts as a barrier against disease and bacteria, thus preventing airway infections. Good oral hygiene is achieved thru a process that involves proper home dental care, periodic professional dental maintenance, regular dentist visits. Healthy gums and healthy teeth and mouth that does not have bad bacteria will protect your airways and prevent the infection from getting into lungs. We might not be fully protected from getting COVID-19, but we need to do everything to protect ourselves from harsh symptoms of and complications from the virus and to decrease the risk of super infection. We are here to help! Give your hygienist a call today (appointments are limited) to schedule your visit!


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